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POQS Inc.The pipeline operator qualification rule requires all operators of natural gas and hazardous liquid pipelines that are subject to Section 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 192 or 195 to prepare and follow a written operator qualification plan. The rule is broad in scope, it is short on details, it leaves decisions as to who needs to be qualified, the subject area in which they must be qualified and when re-qualification has to occur to the judgment of each pipeline operator. This "performance" method leaves each pipeline operator the flexibility to custom design its plan for its individual operating and maintenance procedures. The rule requires that an operator devote significant time and effort to evaluate and interpret the rule's general concepts to the specific circumstances on the pipeline operator's system. The pipeline operators develop required qualification plans and detailed procedures based on its best understanding of the rule and require that the plan is followed.

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What the Pipeline Operator Qualification System, from POQS Inc. can do for you?
The Pipeline Operator Qualification System is a dynamic integrated system that will provide all of the elements to meet CFR part 192, 195 Operator Qualification ruling.