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The Pipeline Operator Qualification System is a dynamic integrated system that will provide all of the elements to meet CFR part 192, 195 Operator Qualification ruling.

Our Software Creates a Written Operator Qualification Plan:

The rule gives pipeline operating companies approximately 20 months to develop a written operator qualification plan that will meet your company's minimum requirements. The rule specifies seven provisions that must be addressed by each pipeline operator:

1.The pipeline operator needs to identify all covered tasks.

2.The pipeline operator needs to evaluate each person performing covered tasks.

3.The pipeline operator needs to allow non-qualified persons to do covered tasks only if directed and observed by a person who is qualified to perform those covered tasks.

4.The pipeline operator needs to assess qualifications of each person involved in accidents.

5. The pipeline operator needs to assess qualifications of each person the pipeline operating company and determine if the person is no longer qualified.

6.The pipeline operator needs to communicate all changes that affect covered tasks (changes to regulations, procedures, equipment, technology, etc.).

7.The pipeline operating company needs to establish re-evaluation intervals.

The pipeline operator needs to write the plan required by the rules. The plan that the pipeline operator writes and its provisions become enforceable on that operator just as if the words were directly written into the regulations. The Pipeline Operator Qualification plan needs to be prepared very carefully. Attention must be taken to meet the operator qualification rule requirements without obligating the operator to do much more than necessary to comply with the rule.

The Pipeline Operator Qualification System guides each client in writing a Pipeline Operator Qualification plan for their operations that is carefully designed to satisfy the rules minimum requirements. The system develops and prints out the required written plan for you.

The DOT 192, 195 Covered task list:

The foundation of Pipeline Operator Qualification System is the list of covered tasks. The rule defines a covered task as one that:

1.)The task is performed on a pipeline facility (as defined in Section 49 Code of Federal Regulations part 192 or 195).
2.) The task is an operation or maintenance task.
3.) The task is regulated under Section 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 192 or 195.
4.)The task could affect the operation or integrity of the "pipeline" and "pipeline facility".

Abnormal Operating Conditions:

Section 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 192 or 195 mandates that qualification of persons performing covered tasks must include the ability to recognize and react to abnormal operating conditions. We have identified abnormal operating conditions that a person might encounter while performing each of the covered tasks. The system incorporates the corrective actions needed to deal with each possible abnormal condition.